escaping the measures of time

by They Sleep We Live

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These four songs are our statement to a world that is unalienable connected to capitalism, exploitation and struggle. These four songs are a statement to a society that missed to learn from its own history and set increasing space for racism, anti-semitism and other uncountable faces of oppression. Further more we release these four songs as statement to a life, that gets measured in time, making you forget that you're alive and leaves you in doubts about your own existence.


released November 22, 2016

"Escaping The Measures Of Time" was recorded, mixed and mastered in July / August 2016 by Fabian Schwarz at Machines of Sleep Studio.

We are thankfull to say, that following labels helped us making the release happen and available:

Pike Records
Dingleberry Records
Samegrey Records
Koepfen Records

Zegema Beach records

Framecode Records

"Escaping The Measures Of Time" is available as coke-bottle colored one-sided 12inch vinyl and is limited to 300 copies. The b-side features a screenprint with artwork by Rodrigo Almanegra, who also designed the entire release.



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THEY SLEEP WE LIVE Bremen, Germany

TSWL is a diy based Collective playing atmospheric screamo based on emotive roots.

No Border - No Nation // No Gods - No Masters

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Track Name: empty shells broken hearts
The last departure, the end of a history
Leaving footsteps behind that won’t fade away
Empty shells disclosing their treasures
Sinking beneath the weight of your own decay
Your legacy, more precious you could imagine

Bleary eyes, cursed to watch the misery
Holding weak hands strong
Broken hearts facing finality
Waiting for the inescapable
The faint, striking on full scale

Breathe in, breathe out
Hands slip away
A heart stops beating

Enough said
Track Name: equilibrium
Progression at any costs
Guidelines twisting our neck
Standards rise up to the sky
The weak ones damned to fail
We carry the guilt
We carry the apathy
We carry the addiction
A social state to simulate safety
Pseudo welfare to displace remorse
Counting the seconds – counting the money
Pills for the people and profit for the capitol
We lost our empathy
We lost our consciousness
We lost our autonomy
The balance, more far away than ever
Track Name: asunder
once all of us shared a common vision carried by a certain tolerance and autonomy
where is gone all your confidence?
where is gone all your resistance?

following a masked attitude rooted in the ground you fight
borders eliminate and infiltrate the brown seed you loathe
a seed spreading sorrow and misery
costumed as singularity and myth
an ugly smile behind the mask
sharp teeth ready to stab in the next moment

a moral decline that is carried by ignorance and apathy
where is gone all your wariness?
where is gone all your solidarity?

digging our own grave slowly while we drown in the dirt we carry sleepwalking
Track Name: what remains
Progress and Regress.
Freedom and Justice.
Liberation and Barbarity.
Contradictions in terms
or intrinsically linked?    

*Ullyses, can you hear the siren?
You were tied to the mast at your own request.
You wanted to free your mind,
but you rather liberated thyself from humanity.
Liberation is unthinkable without reflection
of the danger of regression.
If it doesn't assimilate a dialectic view,
it seals its own fate.

"Were this coldness not a fundamental trait of anthropology, that is, the nature of people as they really are in our society, they would not necessarily be profoundly concerned by what happens to all others except for the few with whom they are closely connected, possibly by common interests, then Auschwitz would not have been possible. The people would then not have accepted it. The coldness of soiety's monad, the socially isolated competitors, is like an indifference to the fate of others, the condition that all were watching and nobody acted."

The rupture of this world passes through us.
The rupture, the rupture, the rupture passes through us.

We are just fools looking for shelter
with a suitcase full of dreams
and questions...

* as symbol for the development of civil society